The 2020 MeLuna Customer Art Contest is Here!

We have received some amazing customer art work in the past, both as part of a photo contest as well as a separate art contest. This time we will be combining the two and accept both photos as well as artwork for the contest

If you need some inspiration check out these works from these past contests:

This year we are combining the two and hosting it on Pinterest (see above!)


No worries if you are not on Pinterest. You can still email your entries! If you are on Pinterest please ask for an invite to the board so you can upload your work.


Here are the prizes (Gift Certificates are valid not just for cups. will also work for cloth pads, period panties, personal care, etc) :


  1. $50 Gift Certificate – 3 winners
  2. $25 Gift Certificate – 5 winners
  3. $10 Gift Certificate – 10 winners


This is a contest that really takes some effort. That usually means entries will be very few and your chances of winning something are very, very good!


Here are the Rules:


  1. Your entry must depict a MeLuna USA product (MeLuna USA menstrual cup or other products offered on our site like the Domino Pads cloth pads etc)
  2. You may submit photography work, paintings, drawings or similar
  3. One entry per person so pick wisely
  4. If you need inspiration, feel free to check out the blog galleries for previous contests, but do not copy previous artwork.
  5. Winners will be picked February 28, 2020
  6. Prizes are awarded by number of comments on each entry in the Pinterest gallery
  7. We reserve the right to remove entries that we consider problematic.


Published by Karin

I love working with menstrual cups and reusable menstrual products! I have been actively involved in the menstrual cup industry for 8 years, including FDA clearance, consulting and sales. I would like to share some of my insider knowledge with the public. I strongly feel that while there is a really great amount of info about menstrual cups on the internet there is also quite a bit of misinformation or simply lack of understanding. That's why I created this blog. I have worked with multiple brands but am currently associated with Meluna USA. I currently run two blogs: The "MeLuna USA" blog which can be visited on the MeLuna USA website and "Cups - The Inside Scoop". Many of the info given on both will apply to both. Note that the "Cups- The Inside Scoop" is more general with the goal to share truthful information in a way that allows you to apply it to any cup brand you're interested in.

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