Do You Need A Low Cervix Menstrual Cup?

Find out with this downloadable tool!

A little background on cervix position

One of the aspects MeLuna really shines in is the wide variety of menstrual cups offered specifically for users with below average cervix height.

A low cervix position can make it tricky to fit a regular menstrual cup comfortably.

Want to know what makes this even tougher? Cervix position changes throughout your cycle! It is generally lowest at the beginning of your period.

That’s why often when customers measure at any other time of the cycle the length seems manageable. But at the start of the actual period, the cup ends up being too long.

You will find many great suggestions online on how to measure your cervix height. A lot of them include landmarks like knuckles, etc.

Introducing the MeLuna Menstrual Cup/Cervix Position Tool

Vaginas are different. So are fingers. Because of that we developed this downloadable tool to measure your cervix.

The live-sized MeLuna menstrual cups are right next to the ruler. Comparisons are really easy that way!

If of course you need it to fit even more shallow you can also trim off the handle completely. Keep those options in mind. The tool is just a guide to give you a better visual of what you are working with!

This tool is intended to decide between standard and shorty cups

This tool will help you decide, if you should focus on a shorty or a standard Meluna menstrual cup.

It is not intended to provide you with your menstrual cup size.

Your menstrual cup size will largely depend on adequate diameter to create a seal.

Please refer to our size chart to find your size

Of choosing a shorty Meluna, you may wish to size up one size from the recommendation.

How to use the tool

Do NOT insert the paper print out into your vagina! Download the tool and print it at 100% size (no enlarging, fitting to page, etc).

Wash your hands! You will use your finger. Insert it into your vagina and gently locate the cervix. Place a second finger right where the entrance of the vagina is on the inserted finger.

You can now hold the finger next to the tool and get an idea of what cup height could work for you.

Remember this graphic is designed to show the absolutely maximum height you are able to accommodate. If more length is available, all the better! Wearing your cup higher up and away from the vaginal entrance is no problem at all.

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I love working with menstrual cups and reusable menstrual products! I have been actively involved in the menstrual cup industry for 8 years, including FDA clearance, consulting and sales. I would like to share some of my insider knowledge with the public. I strongly feel that while there is a really great amount of info about menstrual cups on the internet there is also quite a bit of misinformation or simply lack of understanding. That's why I created this blog. I have worked with multiple brands but am currently associated with Meluna USA. I currently run two blogs: The "MeLuna USA" blog which can be visited on the MeLuna USA website and "Cups - The Inside Scoop". Many of the info given on both will apply to both. Note that the "Cups- The Inside Scoop" is more general with the goal to share truthful information in a way that allows you to apply it to any cup brand you're interested in.

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