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Menstrual cups are made from three different substances worldwide. Silicones, TPE and Natural Rubber (made of natural gum, latex). Most are made from silicones. That’s simply because the vast majority are manufactured in Asia. Second in prevalence is TPE and lastly natural rubber. Silicone and TPE both fall under the plastics group. Building blocks made ofContinue reading “Home”

  What is the MeLuna Customer Art Contest and How Does it Work? Do you own a MeLuna USA menstrual cup or Domino Pads cloth pad? Do you own a camera or have a camera on your phone? Do you like getting up to $50 worth of menstrual supplies for FREE? Then read on…this oneContinue reading “Home”

Find out with this downloadable tool! A little background on cervix position One of the aspects MeLuna really shines in is the wide variety of menstrual cups offered specifically for users with below average cervix height. A low cervix position can make it tricky to fit a regular menstrual cup comfortably. Want to know whatContinue reading “Home”

menstrual cup consultation interactive

The Cup Fairy is currently still training but you are able to try it now!

How to remove menstrual cup stains when possible, how to avoid menstrual cups stains and what causes staining in menstrual cups

Hilarious, sad or shocking experiences told by menstrual cup and cloth pad users. Check it out so you can avoid mishaps like these

MeLuna Menstrual Cup Customer Art from our last Photo Contest! From Washington DC to Montana…

MeLuna customers created beautiful menstrual cup related art work for us. Enjoy the gallery!

Avoid these 3 thing with your menstrual cup to make it last longer. We show you what substances and practices can harm your menstrual cup.

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